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That penis enlargement final users are woman is no secret(they have to live with the results of it).Young ladies,old ladies.The fact is that perfection is rare (and is an iron erection 8 inches long with a big hat)and in the lack of perfection size and more size can overcome a disadvantage by helping fulfill her fantasies. Therefore penis enlargement final goal is most probably a happy woman or rarely but possibly a cool man.Do not misunderstand me.I am about to uncover in front of you the most guarded secrets of male sexuality and in general of human relationships and you may right now be about to learn the most important lesson you ever had.How to improve your life as much as possible by making yourself more desirable to your sexual partners and in doing so achieving your full potential.

Hi darling and welcome to this informational website.My name is Gustav Gilmore and since 1997 I have been writing books and building websites about penis enlargement.

Unfortunately the involvement of medical research in the subject of penis enlargement is almost nil and therefore the stage has been left to anyone with a typewriter and a PC to say and claim anything about the matter and to sell anything at any price.Because Medicine did not research the field,the claims of doctors most of the time are anything but scientific too.

Because there are almost no scientific proofs of anything said and written about penis enlargement all we can find(including the present website) are opinions.

My opinions as expressed here tend to be as founded and logically sound as possible given the circumstances and are based in my personal experience,as well as that of the thousands of users of my penis enlargement devices since 1997.If it gives some comfort I am no stranger to the field of scientific research and thinking (I have a Doctor's degree in sciences related to Engineering) and that is my view point of the subject of penis enlargement which was instrumental in my design and construction of penis enlargement devices.

In a strictly scientific framework you need to rigorously state your claims and then prove them using mathemathics,statistics or any other quantitative means available in the specific field.Because of the lack of a scientific framework I am going to use common sense and the knowledge available to the intelligent layman to treat the most important penis enlargement open questions.


1-Is penis enlargement possible?Or in other words:does penis enlargement work?

We all saw porno movies with the outcome of what can only be called extreme penis enlargement.And all those starlets loving them.Obviously nobody get those kind of phalluses automatically or by birth.So who can claim that penis enlargement does not work?.The hell it does.

Now let us explain why it does.

The first thing that comes to mind is the way in which modern western medicine deals with the enlargement of living tissue:by traction.It is well known that the way to enlarge the limbs of people that were born with growing deficiencies is buy using traction to make for example legs longer.The physical traction lengthens the bones and the other living tissues that form the human leg therefore all of those tissues must enlarge as an outcome of traction.A side effect observed in this case is that the limb increases its cross section too(not only its length).This increase in the cross section of the limb is due to the fact that living tissue tends to increase the cross section of a physically stressed limb by generating new cells(increasing the mass of the limb) in order to decrease the value of the applied tensile stress per square inch,which will decrease the probability of the limb being severed by share tensile stress.

But we saw examples of lengthening by traction in the necks of the Malaysian young girls,that use a number of tight metallic rings to that effect.But we even have a direct example of penis enlargement carried out by hanging increasingly heavier rocks from the penis by the Indian Holly Saduh of the National Geographic Magazine cover.The Karamojong tribe from Uganda are another example of penis enlargement by the traction of hanging rocks.

Classical penis enlargement techniques involved for thousands of years the manual stretching of the penis which is another example of physical traction,although this technique was known to be very slow and selective in the sense that it only worked for those that had a strong grip of the upper shaft and head of the penis.(that ability to have a strong grip was otherwise called good luck)

Conclusion:penis enlargement is possible by physical traction.The enlargement will be both lengthening and girth increase.

What other penis enlargement methods besides physical traction may enlarge physically and permanently the penis?

We will deal with the most common methods available today:

2-Penis Pumps

This system was originally developed by sexologists to treat impotence,and then it was copied by manufacturers of novelty sex items as a method that,according to their claims, increases the size of your penis.
It consists on an acrylic transparent tube that comes in different lengths,closed on one side,with a hole to which a pump (manual or electric)is connected.The pump sucks out air from the tube and you introduce your penis in the tube opening,and make sure that a tight seal takes place.In order to ensure so the manufacturer provides a kind of rubber donut that is placed in the open end of the tube and through its inner open hole you introduce your penis inside the tube.
By effect of the vacuum generated inside the tube,your penis will start swelling,filling the corpus cavernosum of the penis(a sponge like tissue of the penis that gets stiff and filled with blood during an erection)with blood.If you let the vacuum work on your penis for enough time,it will swell to a size much bigger than your normal erect size.

After a session with a penis pump,the swollen penis will slowly recover its original size,and after 1 or 2 hours,the penis will show absolutely no gains.
If used for many hours without interruption,the penis pump may produce blisters and injury,that will prevent you from pumping safely for a week or so.That is why most "pumpers" use the pump for no more than one or two hours a day,making absolutely no permanent gains.
In theory if you pump 6 or more hours a day,you could see some kind of slow permanent enlargement.In practice nobody can pump that much because of the blisters,and because you cannot do any other activity while pumping.It is not only the privacy problem(common to most penis enlargement techniques) but the fact that pumping time is absolutely dead time that cannot be shared with any other activity.
That means that all those pumpers (and who that is into penis enlargement did not pump for many months and even years) are just wasting their time and achieving no permanent enlargement whatsoever.The size of the penis inside the pump is a sight that at first gives you a sense of "grandeour",achievement,but sooner or later it comes at you like a boomerang because of the great difference between your real size of erect penis,and the large artificial size obtained by power of vacuum inside the pump.
The sight of a larger penis obtained artificially by a vacuum pump,creates the illusion of enlargement,and many people get hooked to it.The effect is to distract you from the reality that the size of your penis inside a tube is inmatterial.The only size that counts is the one obtained outside the pump in an erection.No matter how many years you pump,your real size never increases permanently if all you do is pumping.

Conclusion: penis pumps do not permanently enlarge the penis.

3-Penis Pills

Let us face it: all that pills can do is to somehow improve the erection.
Let me start by stating that Viagra(and all the other similar medications) is not a penis enlargement pill.It is a potency enhancing remedy for Impotence of various types.It has absolutely no effect in the size of the erect penis,although it allows the penis of those with less than perfect sexual performance,to become erect.
Before Viagra,there were some substances well known in east and west ,that had some effect on male sexual potency.The most famous are Caffeine,Yohimbe,and GyngSeng.Those substances increase general alertness,not only sexual alertness,and they both are not advised for people with hypertension because their effect upon blood pressure.
The myriad,the rain of penis enlargement pills that we are witnessing today are all based on those two components,or similar potency enhancing substances.
There is not,and most probably there will never be a penis enlargement substance.As,to give an example that is very relevant,there are no known to medicine of any kind substances that will make an adult taller.
Therefore all the so called penis enlargement pills are nothing but apipe dream.

Conclusion: penis pills do not enlarge your penis.

4-Jelq,milking and similar penis massaging methods.

The method called Jelq or milking is a technique that appeared in the penis enlargement scene in the late nineties.This is the ingenious idea: Let us create an exercise that will allow the candidate to be busy with his penis every day,creating in him the illusion that he is doing something to increase the size of it.While he is doing that useless exercise let as sell him a myriad of memberships to paid web sites,and products also useless (such as penis pills,penis pumps,and penis stretchers,you name it).
The commercial promoters of Jelq are resourcefull,clever and reckless ,and they created a "web" of false claims to entangle their potential clients which includes many so called "free" sites and forums that support Jelq as a legitimate method,making believe that even the "objective" free sites believe in that lousy waste of time and energy.
What is Jelq under any name?Is basically to grab your penis at its basis with an embrace of your thumb and forefinger,and squeeze forward till the embrace reaches the head of the penis.They claim that this forces blood into the penis tissue forcefully so that the size of the penis "corpus cavernosum" cells increases,generating an increase in penis size.Any medical doctor will tell you that this is nearly impossible.The goal of Jelq is to make you exercise with your penis without exerting a real strong stretch on it(which is the only action that would generate penis enlargement).
Jelq has generally two effects:1)a massaging effect which has no influence in penis enlargement and 2)a stretching effect,which has an outcome on penis lengthening which is proportional with the tensile force applied and the time logged.
In this case we are talking about around or less that fifteen minutes a day(net stretching time of 60 minutes Jelking very vigorously),and a quite mild tensile force,so the enlarging effect is nill.With penis weights every hanging minute is a net stretching minute,and you also know the strength(weight) of the stretch is intense enough to generate penis enlargement.

Conclusion : Jelq does not enlarge the penis.

5-Does any penis stretching device work?

Do not make the mistake to assume that any device or method based on traction will bring about real results.Those are the reasons why you must choose a dependable (no Noose or Vacuum based)penis WEIGHTS method,and not get carried away by methods that do not deliver real penis enlargement:
1-The attachment of the penis to the traction device must be comfortable and heavy duty(meaning take forces strong enough to produce enlargement).Devices based on a surgical tube (noose) or other similar means,double noose or a strap at the end that is supposed to tie up the penis just under its head do not work because at tensions intense enough to produce penis enlargement real gains they let the penis slip out of their grip.This means that you have to use the device at a gentle tension incapable of producing real enlargement.Severe pain has been experienced while attempting to produce a stronger grip in order to increase tension intensity to a really working level,so much so that it becomes impossible by any means to increase the strength of the stretch so that it could actually induce penis enlargement.(This is true for all the penis extenders sold today in the market.Beware of fancy looking,expensive,yet useless gadgets!).
Similarly, stay away from attachments in which the penis profile is flattened by lateral compression (sandwiched by two flat or cilindrical pieces united with a screw or string as some home made devices are), or from attachments based on rubber wrapping,insulating tubing or Velcro.Velcro cannot connect confortably to your penis weight big enough to increase your penis size.You will be wasting your time because due to the discomfort created by those attachments you will not be able to apply traction forces strong enough, and to exercise long enough, to produce any real penis enlargement.Remember: a penis weights system must bring about results.Your precious time and energy are worth something too.Don't get involved with an attachment that doesn't have a clear record of safe results,such as any home made attachment,even if someone wants to give it to you for free!
2-All attachments based on VACUUM produce blisters that limit the amount of weight that can be used to a small weight, preventing the achievement of permanent penis enlargement.Remember,only heavy weights can produce measurable penis enlargement.From this point of view VACUUM attachments of the penis to weights are not any better than the traditional surgical tube (noose)attachment of the penis extenders that miserably fail to deliver inches.Particularly but not only traction methods that use vacuum devices that hold the penis mostly by the head,almost without holding the shaft area affected by surgery ,and have been invented and developed for after surgery use, do not work,because at weights big enough to produce real results,they bring about blisters and wounds in the tip of the penis head,turning the method itself useless as a standalone method of penis enlargement.The type of attachment offered in PENIS-WEIGHTS.COM ,because embrace the shaft of the penis directly(without using vacuum),and has been developed for use without surgery,gets a much stronger hold of the shaft,and can allow more intensive loads with comfort and safety than any of those methods by up to twice as much.In short: stay away from any weights method that uses VACUUM atachment to the penis because you will be wasting your time.Those that already tried know exactly what we mean.
3-Devices that are supposed to be used while working during the day for prolonged periods of time,or at night while sleeping for example,produce no gains either:tensile forces big enough to produce penis enlargement require training periods no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,and then ten minutes rest.In other words,if it looks too good to be true,it certainly is.No penis enlargement device based on traction that brings about real results can be used for more than 20 minutes without a break of at least 5 to 10 minutes.This is due to the fact that at forces strong enough to generate penis enlargement,the body needs a relief every twenty minutes or less to ensure proper blood irrigation of the penis.Therefore all those systems that are claimed to be used while working under your regular clothes,work at forces that are under the minum required to enlarge your penis.Those gadgets are a hoax that delivers no results whatsoever.A blantant lie.


As explained above in great detail penis strong traction is the only method that really enlarges both in length and girth the penis,and it comes in two flavors:by hand traction (slow increase)and by penis weights traction.This is the truth of penis enlargement all the truth and nothing but the truth,and do not say that nobody told you.If you want to check out the penis weights systems that I have been providing online since 1997 the go to PENIS-WEIGHTS.COM or choose one of the links at the top of the page.Those are the only systems that come with a results guarantee,and a lifetime workmanship guarantee and a percentage of success of over 85% For details click the links at the top of the page.Good luck darling.